Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to become a Luddite

I am starting to really hate technology. there are just a few things left that I need to get before I turn into a complete Luddite; At least towards newer technology.
-Stereo System(with a tape player and hook up for a record player)
-Mp3 Player(with a hookup for in the car)
That's it. I had wanted a Wii for the WiiFit but no. I'm done. no more technology. I keep buying Cd-R's that don't work. Literally. A whole 30 pack and it burns nothing but data. OR it says its burned, all the music data is there but it won't play it. I buy them for music and they refuse to work. Maxwell, Memorex, TDX, Fuji, nothing. they all don't work. Sometimes they do work. Frankly that makes it bloody worse. *sigh* I hate to say it but all our music I think is going to have to go completely digital. I have been fighting against it but, there's nothing else for it. I will however NEVER EVER get a digital book. so not happening. for 10 years at least