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Spoiler Titles to all the Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter and Holy Fuck I’m A Wizard
Harry Potter and Shit I Can Talk To Snakes
Harry Potter and When the Fuck Did I get a Godfather?
Harry Potter and There are Other Wizarding Schools?
Harry Potter and Oh My God I Can See What Voldemort’s Doing
Harry Potter and Snape Was Friends With My Mum?!
Harry Potter and Well Fuck Snape was a Good Guy All Along and Now I Have to Die Whyyyy
Harry Potter and OH YEAH I’M HOROCRUX

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Follow up to the Politics Post

This is the email I just got from said Aunt:
I never should have commented on your post.  I blame the lateness of the hour
for my lack of restraint, but I was so tired of the constant, foolish vitriol
against Mitt Romney that  I pushed return.
I think that if Barak Obama is reelected the USA will go into free fall.  All
his policies are for big government and government control of private
enterprise.  He has set race relations back decades, and slowed the economic
recovery by his lack of leadership.  I believe we could turn into a country like
Greece, overloaded with debt, and rioting in the street.
That being said I realize we probably won't agree on this.  Consequently I
unfriended on facebook until after the election.  I didn't want to read your
propaganda like posts.

Alright, here is my point by point break down:
"I was so tired of the constant, foolish vitriol against Mitt Romney that I pushed return"
   -I didn't say anything about Romney. I posted a PICTURE of Romney and Trump's jet. (I will post picture here for reference.
"I think that if Barak Obama is reelected the USA will go into free fall. All his policies are for big government and government control of private enterprise. He has set race relations back decades, and slowed the economic recovery by his lack of leadership. I believe we could turn into a country like
Greece, overloaded with debt, and rioting in the street."
  - OH MY GOD! Really? Really?!?!!
    -Set race relations back decades? I have no words.
and Final point:
" I didn't want to read your propaganda like posts."

The Politics Post

As of late the Republican side of my family (my mother's side minus my mother and a few select relatives) has been at odds with well frankly the rest of my family minus my father's oldest sister, her husband, and his youngest sister and her husband. Not these two sides interact much any more, divorce thing yadda, yadda. Anyway, lately there have been three MAJOR blow ups between my mother, brother and myself VS. my grandmother and two aunts. These healthy political debates start off friendly enough but then quickly degenerate into the liberals (my mother, brother and I) being told we are brainwashed, confused, idiots who and I DIRECTLY quote from my grandmother here: "Have a warped view of the facts." Of the facts.....warped view of the facts?! Moving on, the latest comment has been made by my mother's oldest sister today has made my head spin and frankly makes me want to tear my hair out. I had posted a picture of Mitt Romney disembarking a plane in front of Donald Trump's GIANT FREAKING JET and captioned it with: "Yuck. for lack of a better word." Her comment to this photograph: "You want socialism or fascism? Then vote for Obama again." The jaw dropping idiocy of this statement astounds me, this is coming from (or so I thought) a very educated, well read, very nice and kind person but WHAT THE FUCK?! Let's break down this statement shall we? First we will cover the 'vote for Obama again' bit, which in of itself is a highly condescending thing to say, nor have I actually said I voted for Obama the first time. (I did, and I will again but for argument's sake we'll ignore that for now) Second, we shall cover socialism. This is frankly not an entirely bad thing, the Marxist view of it is of course a bit further than it should really go. I believe we could use a HELL of a lot more socialism around here, more libraries, better roads, and I don't know perhaps UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE?! Thirdly we shall deal with the most asinine and insane thing about the entire bloody comment. Fascism. Miriam-Webster Dictionary has the following definition:  a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
So I ask you, how the hell is Obama a fascist? Oh right, I'm sorry I forgot. Our "President" is a Marxist, socialist, reverse raciest, liberal, Nazi, Saul Aleniski-loving, Muslim, Kenyan. Forgive me how could I have possibly forgotten. Excuse me while I beat my brain-washed mind against the wall as part of my re-education program and then maybe I'll be retarded enough to watch and buy into what Fox News is selling without wanting to kill myself. Then I can stand idley by and watch Mitt Romney take the White House and enjoy the wieghless feeling of fall into the black hole of awfulness that will make eight years of the Bush Adminstration feel like a week long vacation with Jack and The Gang from Lost on thier freaking island of death and madness and time travel. Then if Romney gets a second term I'll grow a creepy beard starting drinking all the time and popping pills and crying and trying to jump off a bridge in an attempt to return to the damn island where things made sense! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the baby issue

This has been a thought that has been running wild in my head for days, weeks, months, perhaps even years. and here it is, perhaps it's not something you should really talk about out of fear of it sounding rude, or taboo or something: The Baby Thing. I have decided long ago that the baby train is a form of transportation I never intend to board. I feel as though I am the last of my kind. The VAST majority of people I know are having kids, have kids or have it in the "Five-Year Plan" the question has now become do I feel left out? Yes and no. Do I feel left behind? Yes and no. The left out question answer comes about because I don't feel like I missing out, except on adult friendshisp (kid free) I relieze of course adult friendship is possible with people who are parents but it's not quite even footing, or it takes a level of spontanity out of it. Perhaps this is an unfair thing to say but it is honsetly how I feel at the very least. Do I feel left behind? This is an easier question to answer. Yes in the sense that parent people have a hell of a lot more things and responsiblties to take care of. No, because that is a decsion that I am not interested in. The honset truth is, it's been way too long since I have had a close and consitant female friend. Some one  I can call and do stuff with whenever, or just chat with. So I have been feeling a tid bit resentful of all the babies out there stealing all the single ladies as it were. It's a slightly lonely exstence at times. Over all it doesn't bother me, I am not a bloody hermit, I do in fact hang out with people, go places and do fun things. However, some times it truely bothers me. I am endlessly glad that I have married my best friend. Without the hubby my life would not as truely wonderful as it is. But it is do to the over all wonderfulness that makes me notice that VERY few holes. So to some up this post that has become rather convulted.
Life = wonderful
Babies = cute but for me: NO
Friends = have some, need a close and constiant female buddy. Boys are great but....well some times you just need some more girly time in your life.

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I'm gonna ship this so bad.

Charles xavier & Erik lensherr

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My one and only Lauren Conrad piece. I was WAY too into The Hills. I couldn't help myself. but, I love this dress! comfy and super cute and she doesn't make it any more so it's even more special to me!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stranger Than Fiction - Flours

No scene in any other movie has moved me as deeply as this one did. seriously. I love this movie.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

alright one more.

Johannes Cabal and Leonie Barrow: a ship of little infamy.
From Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer
Johannes Cabal: The Dectective

Two new ships for the Fleet

Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander.
I was endless dissapointed that these two didn't end up together.
Lucy and Caspian.
Seriously. They are absolutely wonderful and I adore this as a paring.
Which is why I'm writing my own fanfiction about them right now. It's been getting good reviews.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Celeb Crush

I abosulutely adore Michael Shannon!
He is positively wonderful.
I have said that I won't publish anything until it is worthy of Hugo Weaving reading it.
I now have to amend that. I cannot publish until it is worthy of Michael.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

best thing ever.

Reason #104 to lose wieght:

To eat a whole plate of these guilt free.
Must have with beer.