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To Paris with love

1920's French Flappers

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yeah. That Just Happened

Edgar Allen Bro
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The Future....

I certainly am not ready for a Zombie attack. I do however fear the possiblity of a Zombie Appocyplse. In fact I find only one of two likely outcomes. The 1st is the fairly obvious nuclear war type deals. But I honsetly find the Zombie outcome far more likely. I don't know why, I just do. I bought a zombie survial guide book. I told the hubby it was a joke but I take the whole thing pretty damn seriously. I practiacally take notes while watching The Walking Dead on AMC. I will admit though I have come up with a nessasary survial item that really isn't mentioned: The Water Filter Straw! clean water without having to stop and boil it, look for fast streams. It puts a stop to the waiting around and get eatten things. At least in the water department any way. We all know however the number one item you need in ANY appocylpes: The slightly dirty, a little bit torn but no where near falling apart cable knit sweater. That part is a joke. but that's the only joke.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My New Fanfiction

Damon & Elena
The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhadler, the crush that should have happened sooner

I realize now how unfair it was to ignore Boone Carlyle. We missed some great times together. Maybe it was because Shannon was so awful. Maybe the whole I-slept-with-my-sister-but-it's-not-creepy-because-we're-not-blood-related thing really bothered me because it was stupid. They were like the less dumb Nikki and Paolo. But even that is an unfair assessment of him as well. Perhaps its just that Damon Salvatore is a much better role. He's clean 95% of the time. Okay he's still sometimes covered in blood. 60% of those times at least it's not his own. So there's that. Any way I haven't had a brand new giant crush like this in awhile. That heart wrenching look at every picture read more fanfiction than I really should be able to get my hands on. I hate Lost fanfiction. So much so I have never read a single one. Can't read LOTR fanfiction either. These are two stead fast rules that I live by, and live by very well. The Vampire Diaires should suck and I'm sure really it does, but that hasn't stopped me before and it sure as hell won't stop me now.