Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Future....

I certainly am not ready for a Zombie attack. I do however fear the possiblity of a Zombie Appocyplse. In fact I find only one of two likely outcomes. The 1st is the fairly obvious nuclear war type deals. But I honsetly find the Zombie outcome far more likely. I don't know why, I just do. I bought a zombie survial guide book. I told the hubby it was a joke but I take the whole thing pretty damn seriously. I practiacally take notes while watching The Walking Dead on AMC. I will admit though I have come up with a nessasary survial item that really isn't mentioned: The Water Filter Straw! clean water without having to stop and boil it, look for fast streams. It puts a stop to the waiting around and get eatten things. At least in the water department any way. We all know however the number one item you need in ANY appocylpes: The slightly dirty, a little bit torn but no where near falling apart cable knit sweater. That part is a joke. but that's the only joke.

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