Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the baby issue

This has been a thought that has been running wild in my head for days, weeks, months, perhaps even years. and here it is, perhaps it's not something you should really talk about out of fear of it sounding rude, or taboo or something: The Baby Thing. I have decided long ago that the baby train is a form of transportation I never intend to board. I feel as though I am the last of my kind. The VAST majority of people I know are having kids, have kids or have it in the "Five-Year Plan" the question has now become do I feel left out? Yes and no. Do I feel left behind? Yes and no. The left out question answer comes about because I don't feel like I missing out, except on adult friendshisp (kid free) I relieze of course adult friendship is possible with people who are parents but it's not quite even footing, or it takes a level of spontanity out of it. Perhaps this is an unfair thing to say but it is honsetly how I feel at the very least. Do I feel left behind? This is an easier question to answer. Yes in the sense that parent people have a hell of a lot more things and responsiblties to take care of. No, because that is a decsion that I am not interested in. The honset truth is, it's been way too long since I have had a close and consitant female friend. Some one  I can call and do stuff with whenever, or just chat with. So I have been feeling a tid bit resentful of all the babies out there stealing all the single ladies as it were. It's a slightly lonely exstence at times. Over all it doesn't bother me, I am not a bloody hermit, I do in fact hang out with people, go places and do fun things. However, some times it truely bothers me. I am endlessly glad that I have married my best friend. Without the hubby my life would not as truely wonderful as it is. But it is do to the over all wonderfulness that makes me notice that VERY few holes. So to some up this post that has become rather convulted.
Life = wonderful
Babies = cute but for me: NO
Friends = have some, need a close and constiant female buddy. Boys are great but....well some times you just need some more girly time in your life.


  1. When the craziness of wedding season winds down, i would love to get together and catch up. Did I mention that Paul and I are in 3 (used to be 4) weddings between now and the fourth of july? it's crazy.

    Also- Babies are a BIG DEAL. Loads of people have them now. Guess we're adults. I'm sort of terrified of the idea- but I do think it would be a life experience I want to have.

    1. that is absolutely insane. and it would be excellent to get together.

  2. Couldn't agree more. I've never wanted kids of my own and I always get the same shocked gasp reaction anytime it comes up in conversation. And I have the same issue of getting to that age where all my girl friends either have or are having kids, which is totally fine of course, but it drastically changes the friendship dynamic.