Monday, June 28, 2010

Drinkin' shampian to forget yesturday cuz I remeber the way the way it ended the day

I'm still waiting for that awful painful, heart attack inducing, nail bitting, hole punched in my chest, heartbroken feeling to pass. I was so emotionally spent after all the work My boys put into the games against Slovina and Alegria. I was so crushed when we lost to Ghana. I felt that the wieght of all nearly converted soccer fans was on my shoulders. I still can't believe were out of the World Cup. Its depressing. Plus I know if we hadn't had TWO bloody goals disallowed the drive might have been there for longer. We were just so tired. We had so much to fight for though. If Bob Bradley had put the starting line-up that works in first instead of pulling Clark 30 minutes AND if we didn't practically make ourselves have to come from behind EVER SINGLE GOD DAMN TIME!!!!!! (URGH!) Things might have been better. *sigh* And England sucked this year and New Zealand was awesome. Tied all of thier games which is awesome for a team ranked like 78th or something like that. Australia just could not get it together. Not that the bullshit red cards helped. *sigh* No more anglo teams left. very sad.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I want to be pop

I have been watching The Neistat Brothers on HBO. Well they've only had three episodes but I really like it. If you haven't watched it watch it! and here's a web site:
It has really been making me want to carry my camera around with me everywhere. It also makes me less ashamed of my camera since most of thier flims are shot on handhelds and iPhones. It does however make me extremely ashamed of my lack of camera skills. But I suppose the more I use it the better I will become.