Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Golf Today

i have my first ever golf lesson today and i am terrified. well that's a bit of an overstatement but I am so insanely shy and nervous before i do something and then absolutely fine when i finally start doing it. like making phones calls, getting on airplanes, golf lessons, etc. its stupid and childish but that's how it goes. Plus i know its going to be UNBELIEVABLY uncomfortable temperature wise. or rather humidity wise. its 66 degrees and cloudy and a little foggy thus its 99% humidity! New England girl has some trouble with that. my hair is going to go to shit pretty pretty fast. thank god its in a ponytail! so lets hope i don't completely suck. I'm not at all nervous about golfing with my mother in law. i can't wait for that. its trying to not make a complete ass of myself in front of the pro. *sigh* wish me luck. and hope the humidity at least lest me make it through a few holes.

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