Monday, June 27, 2011

Stand up if you hate Arsenal

I am currently reading this:

I adore it! It's a wonderful book all about football (soccer to us Yanks) It's really funny and absolutely makes me very glad I follow it now. Some of the things he talks about when first becoming a fan and finding a club are things that I have gone through. The love/hate relasonship you have with you club and your team members and more to the point, mangment. And the mostly hate and resentment relasonship with one's own national team. The one thing that I have to keep trying to ignore is that Nick Hornby is a bloody Arsenal fan!! Fucking Gunners! hate 'em all. I'm a Tottenham Hotspurs girl!

Sadly the hubby and father-in-law are Chelsea fans. I started following Tottenham when I found out it was the hubby's grandfather's team (who incedenitally almost played for Queen's Park Rangers but there was a certain WWII going on)

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